Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Tuesday Project

I feel busy. Really busy.
Because of it, I decided to focus all my energies on the kiddos today.
What else could we do but... CRAFT! CREATE! PAINT!
We started with "real" artist canvases. Big ones.
Remember as a kid looking down at a huge white piece of paper and wondering what in the world to put on it? 
That's the feeling I tried to evoke in my kids. 
The feeling that anything is ok, anything goes and anything will make mom proud.

And so it began.

Then it ended. 
The freedom, I mean. 
I couldn't keep my darn paws (not to mention opinions) to myself!
What is my problem?
I found myself micro-managing my four-year-old's grass! 
"How 'bout fluffy grass?" "What about a BIG house?"
I had to walk myself out of the room and ask her to surprise me with the result.

This was the end result.
She was happy.
I was happy.
(I didn't let her see me color in the dress on her purple portrait of herself. 
Again, what is my problem??)

Damon's masterpiece happened all on its own.
He was done in seven minutes and, I promise, I tried to love it.
His two-legged, faceless deer was missing antlers.
I could see the sky through his ghostly-white, naked self-portrait.
The original tree was shorter than the (again) two-legged chinchilla standing next to it. 
 Together we fixed, and fixed, and fixed.

So, am I controlling?
But at the end of the day, 
the contents of the paintings came entirely from the kids.
The colors? Kids.
The layout? Kids.
The grass? Kids. 
Sky? Self-Portraits? Creatures? Kids.
And they were happy.


  1. yeah, I do that too, then I look back on the projects and wonder.... is it bad that it's not 100% them?

  2. this post makes me sad. We hosted a party at a painting place recently and I was saddened to see that every single mother 'fixed' their children's masterpieces. I have probably a dozen items from this shop that my own child did. I would never dream of changing them one bit. I would feel like they were ruined. Am I that out of the norm? I guess so.

    Have you ever noticed your child's face drop after they see you do that? I saw it at the party and instead of being super proud of their projects - I heard that most of the little girls gave them away.

    It really irked me for a lot of reasons...
    If I had wanted to drop a couple hundred bucks to see my mommy friends paint - I would have hosted a "girl's night out" not a kid's party.

  3. You are so funny (and honest) which makes for a great blog. I am/have been the same way. it really is therapy to watch and let my son do his very own art work. Not only that, but he's taught me so much about returning to my own artistic (not so perfect) eye and CREATE (mostly disasters) :)

    Good for you for walking out and letting your daughter "surprise" you. keep practicing. it will get easier and easier.
    it's so HARD to keep our paws off their work. I would know.

    Blessings from a sister-control-freak :)