Friday, April 2, 2010

Super Simple Valance!

New furniture in the middle of the room and a new fireplace surround to the right of the room made it painfully obvious that the back of the room was NAKED! Tonight I fixed the problem in only 30 minutes. For those who have mean sewing skills, read no further. For those who want to dress a window in a super simple way, but don't know how to hem, stick with me.

I am convinced Amy Butler fabric can make even the simplest of projects beautiful! Measure the window and decide how long the valance will hang. In this case, I decided on a 12" drop. Then cut fabric 5" longer to account for hems. My fabric was 17" long.

On the short sides, press a 1/2" inch hem then do it again. Two hems equal clean edges. 

Next, repeat the process on the top edge of fabric. For the fabric I chose, I preferred one pattern direction over the other. Press 1/2" then another 1/2."

On the bottom edge, press a 2" hem followed by (yep!) another 2" hem. This will give your valance some weight to hang crisply. 

Now all that is left to do is sew the hems that you have already created. Begin with the short sides followed by the top and bottom.

Be sure that the top and bottom hems align with the beginning edge of your short side hem. This will prevent over hang when you get to the far end.

You're done! These are being held with thumb tacks. Anyone have a creative way to hang corner valances without using two curtain rods?

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