Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mini Boden Applique Tee- Copied, or... mimicked, or... re-made...

Today I made this.

It bears extremely strong resemblance to this one at Mini Boden that costs $28. The biggest difference? My version cost $4 plus some fabric scraps plus an hour during naptime. If you're interested in the details, read on.

Begin with a plain front shirt and an inspiration. My inspiration was the Mini Boden catalog page.

Create a template of the image of choice. I added eyes and teeth to make sure my dimensions looked realistic, but they are not necessary.

Cut out the image.

Iron a piece of Heat-n-Bond or WonderUnder large enough to accommodate your image onto your fabric of choice. Then trace the image wrong side up to the paper backing of the adhesive. 

Peel the paper backing to reveal the shiny adhesive left on the fabric image. At this point you have a simple yet complete applique to attach to your tee. You could stop here, iron-on the cutout, sew around the edges and be done. Or, continue on for the cute extras that give the project personality!!

Teeth for the big mouth fishy! I cut mine from an unbleached cotton because I didn't want white teeth to get lost on the white tee. 

Repeat the same process of attaching Heat-n-Bond to the fabric, tracing template on the paper backing, and peeling the backing. 

Place both images in position on tee and iron. I also added eye circles and eye balls for some added character. I followed the same procedure used for the fish and teeth.

Let's finish this thing! Taking care to not sew through both layers of the tee, applique the ironed images about 1/8 inch from edge. On my shirt, I chose to straight stitch the body and teeth of the fish and zig-zag the mouth area.

$4 Mini Boden look alike- DONE!

Will you try it?? I think I am addicted and might try again tomorrow!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Blossom is at June Bug in Solvang!

Yay! Blossom bowls and doorstops are in their first ever retail store! June Bug in Solvang has several pieces displayed beautifully in their new downtown location. The shop looks a-maz-ing!!

The Blossom goods are perfectly arranged with a vintage sewing machine and several gourmet bath products! I love it!

One bowl already made it's way to a new home!!

The displays around the store are mesmerizing. Check out the silhouette tote in the background.

The shop is stocked with earth friendly, adorable products at very reasonable prices.

Way to go girls! The shop is great and it is an honor to be a tiny part of it!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Super Simple Valance!

New furniture in the middle of the room and a new fireplace surround to the right of the room made it painfully obvious that the back of the room was NAKED! Tonight I fixed the problem in only 30 minutes. For those who have mean sewing skills, read no further. For those who want to dress a window in a super simple way, but don't know how to hem, stick with me.

I am convinced Amy Butler fabric can make even the simplest of projects beautiful! Measure the window and decide how long the valance will hang. In this case, I decided on a 12" drop. Then cut fabric 5" longer to account for hems. My fabric was 17" long.

On the short sides, press a 1/2" inch hem then do it again. Two hems equal clean edges. 

Next, repeat the process on the top edge of fabric. For the fabric I chose, I preferred one pattern direction over the other. Press 1/2" then another 1/2."

On the bottom edge, press a 2" hem followed by (yep!) another 2" hem. This will give your valance some weight to hang crisply. 

Now all that is left to do is sew the hems that you have already created. Begin with the short sides followed by the top and bottom.

Be sure that the top and bottom hems align with the beginning edge of your short side hem. This will prevent over hang when you get to the far end.

You're done! These are being held with thumb tacks. Anyone have a creative way to hang corner valances without using two curtain rods?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fireplace Makeover!- Thanks to The Lettered Cottage

Layla at The Lettered Cottage has super great style. She has vision and she executes incredibly. So when a dear friend pointed out her fantastic fireplace makeover, I had to copy it!! I love the simplicity and the contrast between the mantel and the white of the framing. I had to have it!

So our friendly do-everything-guy, Tim,  studied Layla's pictures and got to work. This is how we lived with our fireplace for months. 

We liked the fireplace much better just with plywood glued to it, though the gorgeous Island Stone tile hearth helped too!

Next came more perfectly cut angles and a preview of the GORGEOUS mantel.

Finally the day arrived when everything came together beautifully!

We couldn't be happier with our new fireplace! Thanks Tim!