Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's REALLY Going On?

For the last month I have been wanting, so wanting to share my prep work for my first large show that is looming now just a week away. I wanted to show you the stacks of fabric that my wonderful brother/die cutter transformed into perfect circles for me. They were inspiring as stacks of fabric, they were beautiful as flat circles, but now {enter drumroll} they are gorgeous as finished BOWLS!! I can only tell you, I cannot show you because I have been struck with computer lameness. Yep, I, the graphic communication major who should have known better, filled up the entire computer with nearly 8000 full-sized photos of kids, life and travels and now, until another system arises, NO new pictures. 


So as to not be a total downer, CARVE the Cayucos Women's Surf Contest and Craft Show is just a week away and my tablecloth, which I wish I could show you, turned out adorable. Not sure if I will have enough to fill up a six foot table, much less a 10' x 10' booth, but I digress down the downer road again. Stay tuned for some great pictures that are just waiting to, well, be great.

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