Tuesday, March 16, 2010


My first show is in four days! Yay! So is it crazy that I have business cards, a tablecloth, lots of inventory, a website and a SIGN? I gotta admit, so many insecurities are popping up as the day comes closer. What if no one wants my stuff? What if they walk right by? What if I have invested up to this point for not? What do I do with my stuff if people leave it for me to pack and bring back home? ~Deeeeeep Breath~

Enough of that.

As my incredible mom will attest to, I obsess about tiny details. Not all the tiny details, just the one or two that won't leave the far reaches of my brain until I actually complete them. For my wedding it was the dreaded table numbers. Not the entire table number, just the purple bows. THE PURPLE BOWS!! I spent more time searching and shopping for the perfect shade of purple for the table numbers then I did choosing the purple for my flowers. The ribbon? Perfect. The flowers? Not so perfect. Lesson learned.

Last weekend, I obsessed about my sign for my craft booth. I started with this...

I love the $2 garage sale frame, I love the unbleached cotton that I stapled into it, I love the red "blossom" fabric that matches NOTHING, and I am determined to find something to do with burlap. Uncharacteristic for me, I just went for it and left all other options behind. I ended up with this...

Eventually the sign evolved into this...

Simple, mellow, and ready for the show. One less thing to obsess about. Mom would be so proud!!

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  1. You go girl!! I too am so proud of you and excited about your new adventure!! I know everyone will love all of your things, you are awesome! :)