Sunday, March 21, 2010

CARVE: Cayucos Woman's Surf Contest and SLO Craftinista Show

It is done.

The first all-day show is now in the books. Beautiful, sunny, quaint, wonderful Cayucos, California decided to be grey, foggy, frigid, still quaint, fabulous Cayucos, California. We started early so I threw a sweater over my super-cute, cheery tank top knowing it would soon come off when the fog finally burned off. Never happened. 

Despite the bone-chilling fog, the show was very fun and I felt grateful to be a part of it. Thanks to the SLO Craftinista group for inviting me along. Marcia from Hip Hugger and Cindy from Fluffy Muffin and Sweet Bella Jewelry could not have been sweeter or more inspiring. Thanks ladies!

Now for the final result of the booth set-up that caused sleepless night after sleepless night. I was happy with the turnout thanks to a friend who came through with great branches and a pop up tent the night before the show. Take a look.

Notice the $6 green garage sale table? What a find! It came with perfect imperfections and folds to nothing. The transparent branch "walls" provided an unexpected, but delightful sense of enclosure that added to the cozy feel of the space.

The final conclusion is that bowls are difficult to display. They cover a lot of space. Hopefully you will agree that this worked.

The booth will continue to be a work in progress with help from many who have gone before me. I am now addicted to search out great design online. Why reinvent when I can borrow someone else's brain work?


  1. What a wonderful set up! If only I lived in your area, I could see these amazing creations in person.

  2. Your bowls are beautiful! Tell Emily of Blue Corduroy that her mother wants one.