Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Being Two: An Exhausting Undertaking

I have a two year old. He is the youngest of my three children, but somehow (stick with me here) he is the only TWO I have ever had. The other kids paled in comparison and escaped the drive-mommy-insane-with-every-tick-of-the-clock stage. After running away from me out the door of Kinko's and down the street, biting the head off his sister's favorite toy, sticking his finger in the middle of his brother's teacher surprise birthday cake and refusing for two hours to stay in his bed during naptime, he collapsed...

Watching him sleep so soundly through his siblings laughter, the contractor's tile grinder, and the barking dogs, I couldn't help but relish in my few minutes of peace. Not that I could start a project or even make a phone call, I just wanted to start cooking dinner. My cooking was interrupted by all the giggling. I guess his brother and sister got the last laugh after all the torment from the day...

That's the sleeper, under the blanket. That's big sister, very proud of her evil doing. I must admit, even I let out a little giggle.

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