Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Being Two: An Exhausting Undertaking

I have a two year old. He is the youngest of my three children, but somehow (stick with me here) he is the only TWO I have ever had. The other kids paled in comparison and escaped the drive-mommy-insane-with-every-tick-of-the-clock stage. After running away from me out the door of Kinko's and down the street, biting the head off his sister's favorite toy, sticking his finger in the middle of his brother's teacher surprise birthday cake and refusing for two hours to stay in his bed during naptime, he collapsed...

Watching him sleep so soundly through his siblings laughter, the contractor's tile grinder, and the barking dogs, I couldn't help but relish in my few minutes of peace. Not that I could start a project or even make a phone call, I just wanted to start cooking dinner. My cooking was interrupted by all the giggling. I guess his brother and sister got the last laugh after all the torment from the day...

That's the sleeper, under the blanket. That's big sister, very proud of her evil doing. I must admit, even I let out a little giggle.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Scrappy Banner

My cup runneth over with scraps! I am so attached to every bit of scrap fabric. They don't hit the can unless they are less than two inches. I gotta get over it! Here is the latest creation with some very random, mostly unmatching scraps.

Hopefully she isn't reading this tonight (why would she?) but this is for Damon's fabulous kinder teacher. Happy Birthday to her tomorrow. Super easy, anyone can do it...

1. Cut triangles from any fabric, any size.
2. Print any word, any font, any size.
3. Cut the letters that you just printed.
4. Trace letters backward onto any contrasting fabric.
5. Cut fabric letters.
6. Stitch Witch the letters onto scrap triangles.
7. Zig Zag stitch around each letter and each triangle.
8. Sew tops of triangles into double fold bias tape.
9. Hang for someone, anyone to enjoy!!

What will your banner say?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

CARVE: Cayucos Woman's Surf Contest and SLO Craftinista Show

It is done.

The first all-day show is now in the books. Beautiful, sunny, quaint, wonderful Cayucos, California decided to be grey, foggy, frigid, still quaint, fabulous Cayucos, California. We started early so I threw a sweater over my super-cute, cheery tank top knowing it would soon come off when the fog finally burned off. Never happened. 

Despite the bone-chilling fog, the show was very fun and I felt grateful to be a part of it. Thanks to the SLO Craftinista group for inviting me along. Marcia from Hip Hugger and Cindy from Fluffy Muffin and Sweet Bella Jewelry could not have been sweeter or more inspiring. Thanks ladies!

Now for the final result of the booth set-up that caused sleepless night after sleepless night. I was happy with the turnout thanks to a friend who came through with great branches and a pop up tent the night before the show. Take a look.

Notice the $6 green garage sale table? What a find! It came with perfect imperfections and folds to nothing. The transparent branch "walls" provided an unexpected, but delightful sense of enclosure that added to the cozy feel of the space.

The final conclusion is that bowls are difficult to display. They cover a lot of space. Hopefully you will agree that this worked.

The booth will continue to be a work in progress with help from many who have gone before me. I am now addicted to search out great design online. Why reinvent when I can borrow someone else's brain work?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Three Days to Go!

Three days left until the big show. In an attempt to hangout with my husband tonight rather than hangout with my sewing machine, I decided tonight would be my hand sewing night. Four hours later, he is long been sleeping and my fingers are bruised. The good news is that I filled and finished a giant stack of doorstops. Wanna see?

Here is a close-up of one of my favorites!!

My hope is that people will see these as a punch of color in any room. I understand that not many houses are decorated in bright red with lime flowers, but go wild and enjoy! My decorating tastes are very mellow with neutral colors and a lot of beige. Making wild and crazy fabric doorstops is extremely refreshing! If other people think so still remains to be seen. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Felt Flower Retreat from the Norm

Preparing for an all-day craft show takes lots of time and checking lots of things off the 27 lists I have hanging around the house. So today, I decided to take a creative break from creativity. I love my job. While searching the amazing world of craft bloggers, I happened upon one of my new favorites... The DIY Dish. Two twin sisters who broadcast over the web with craft tutorials. Why didn't I think of that? I am such a visual person who can't follow written tutorial directions. VIDEO! I can follow a video! I watched and I created...

My first ever felt flower! It matched perfectly to the Pottery Barn silk pillow cover that sat for three years in my linen closet. I enjoy creating it and even if this flower didn't help me prepare for the weekend, it scored points with the tired husband who just arrived home from a quick trip cross country. Thanks for the encouragement, Honey.


My first show is in four days! Yay! So is it crazy that I have business cards, a tablecloth, lots of inventory, a website and a SIGN? I gotta admit, so many insecurities are popping up as the day comes closer. What if no one wants my stuff? What if they walk right by? What if I have invested up to this point for not? What do I do with my stuff if people leave it for me to pack and bring back home? ~Deeeeeep Breath~

Enough of that.

As my incredible mom will attest to, I obsess about tiny details. Not all the tiny details, just the one or two that won't leave the far reaches of my brain until I actually complete them. For my wedding it was the dreaded table numbers. Not the entire table number, just the purple bows. THE PURPLE BOWS!! I spent more time searching and shopping for the perfect shade of purple for the table numbers then I did choosing the purple for my flowers. The ribbon? Perfect. The flowers? Not so perfect. Lesson learned.

Last weekend, I obsessed about my sign for my craft booth. I started with this...

I love the $2 garage sale frame, I love the unbleached cotton that I stapled into it, I love the red "blossom" fabric that matches NOTHING, and I am determined to find something to do with burlap. Uncharacteristic for me, I just went for it and left all other options behind. I ended up with this...

Eventually the sign evolved into this...

Simple, mellow, and ready for the show. One less thing to obsess about. Mom would be so proud!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's REALLY Going On?

For the last month I have been wanting, so wanting to share my prep work for my first large show that is looming now just a week away. I wanted to show you the stacks of fabric that my wonderful brother/die cutter transformed into perfect circles for me. They were inspiring as stacks of fabric, they were beautiful as flat circles, but now {enter drumroll} they are gorgeous as finished BOWLS!! I can only tell you, I cannot show you because I have been struck with computer lameness. Yep, I, the graphic communication major who should have known better, filled up the entire computer with nearly 8000 full-sized photos of kids, life and travels and now, until another system arises, NO new pictures. 


So as to not be a total downer, CARVE the Cayucos Women's Surf Contest and Craft Show is just a week away and my tablecloth, which I wish I could show you, turned out adorable. Not sure if I will have enough to fill up a six foot table, much less a 10' x 10' booth, but I digress down the downer road again. Stay tuned for some great pictures that are just waiting to, well, be great.