Friday, February 12, 2010

What Does Blossom Design?

OK, all this talk about what is coming and this new business and these great fabrics, but don't you want to know what I will be making? Here is one of my latest creations for a friend who knew instantly that bright pink should be married with lemons! Genius!

This was the first bowl I designed one day while my husband was at work. Bless him and his bitty enthusiasm for all the "pretties" I make him look at. On this day it was different! He smiled and said an audible, "cool." I suppose it was enough because, well, it was something! 

With SO much encouragement (remember the "cool") I couldn't stop sewing and I began experimenting with sizes and weights of fabric and stitch width and stitch length and my process and everything! The picture below is of my largest bowl, one that I have since nixed from the lineup- the shape anyway. Still working on fine-tuning it. 

So, those are the Blossom bowls. Many, many, many more designs to follow. I hope that you all stick around to see where this adventure leads. Thanks for stopping by!


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